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Human Resource (HR) ConsultingWhy Choose to Work with HRD?


Because our greatest strength is likely your weakest link – professional personnel management and legal compliance. Diane, and the team of professionals she draws upon, all have years of experience designing, administering, and implementing personnel systems that make employee performance more measurable, accountable, and productive and therefore companies more successful. It’s not enough to say employees are an asset to your organization. You must create systems that focus on them as seriously as you do on your financial assets; solid hiring practices, competitive incentive plans, targeted training, consistent policy application, coaching for performance, and implementation strategies for meeting regulatory requirements. In addition your business needs to protect itself from the risks and costs associated with employment practices – the losses are staggering. Our skills have been sharpened not only in the halls of universities but in the trenches of experience – we are specialists at what we do!


Human Resource Design was created by Diane Frain over ten years ago. She left her last HR Director’s role, after experiencing both small and large organizations, to pursue a desire to work with small businesses that didn’t have the need or resources to employ a full time HR professional. She believed these owners’ needs for personal and customized services were not being met by the large consulting firms offering “cookie cutter” solutions at rates that were simply unaffordable to the small business owner. She was right and the services HRD offers are unique – there was a very real need which has only grown over the years due to the volume of new and expanded employment regulations, the changing workforce, tight economics driving more creative compensation structures, and the need for customized training.


Scope of Experience - HRD has worked extensively with Missouri and Illinois employers and has clients in the private, public, and not for profit sectors. When you work with us expect the highest quality of consultation, results, and client service because we expect nothing less of ourselves. If we don’t excel at the services you need we’ll likely know a trusted resource that does. And we have partners in personnel associated fields who deliver the same great level of service that we do, or we simply don’t partner with them.


How do we work? We can provide services in several formats. For project work (handbooks, comp plans, training programs, etc.) we scope the work with you first and then prepare a proposal of the needs, anticipated results or deliverable, and provide a fee bid for your approval. For organizations that desire day to day guidance we develop fixed fee “retained support” agreements tailored to their needs. We frequently create processes and train your staff to administer day to day personnel activities because that’s the most cost effective approach while empowering your business. But we’re always a phone call away when unusual or particularly risk-laden situations arise and guidance is advisable – even the best teams need a coach! We realize the budget constraints of small businesses and we structure our fees to work within them.


Our first consultative meeting is at no charge!

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